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Snow Globe Shop FEATURE: Ranger Station Supply Co. Candle

Having a fresh cut tree in my house around the holidays has been a tradition in the Wertz house since I was a kid, but living where we did in Kansas City it was hard to find the crown jewel of all Christmas Trees: the Frasier Fir. Fast forward a few years and now calling Nashville, Tennessee home, the Frasier Fir is plentiful and therefore always gracing my living room from the day after thanksgiving well into the new year (yeah, I'm one of THOSE people).

The 2015 Snow Globe candle by Ranger Station Supply Co attempts to capture the smell of my living room around the holidays, frasier fir, cardamom, cedar wood, sandalwood, and amber, all poured in a container that doubles as a cocktail glass when the wax has all been burned off. I think you're gonna love it!

Check out this and the rest of the super cool gifts at!


More about Ranger Station Supply:

Ranger Station Supply Co. was dreamt up and made a reality by Steve Soderholm, Founder and Chief Candlemaker. Steve has always kept a good candle lit when he's hosting friends, but had a hard time finding a candle that reproduced the aromas in the world that he loves the most. Tired of his options to either buy cheap candles from big box stores or over-priced candles that didn't quite fit his taste, he decided to start making his own. The result has turned into Ranger Station Supply Co., where Steve is now releasing his wilderness-inspired scents by the batch. When Steve isn't pouring candles, you can find him playing drums on the road or at home in Nashville, TN, often stirring up whiskey cocktails for his friends and family in between.

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Snow Globe Shop

I'm pleased to announce The Snow Globe Shop is open for the 2015 Holiday Season! So many special little goodies to check out! We'll be highlighting them in the upcoming weeks, but for now, head on over to and check them out for yourselves! Oh, and tell your friends!

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Snow Globe Live

So excited to play at TPAC's Polk Theater this December 11th for Snow Globe Live.

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Heatwave Sale


It's hot out, so why not get some hot deals?!

Head on over to and get all shirts, posters, cassettes, and Heatwave CD, Heatwave Vinyl & Old Flames CD on sale!

Everyone who purchases also gets a FREE copy of Whenever/Wherever EP.

You have until 8/21 so grab 'em before they're gone!

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Fall Tour Dates

For any of you who missed the announcement last week, Dave Barnes and I are doing a few more Two Birds/ One Stone dates this Fall. We're super stoked to get back out and see y'all! We just added San Francisco, so all you Californians can join in on the fun.

I'm also looking forward to getting back out to the Northwest and doing a few solo shows in September!

We would love to see any and all of you out there! Let's do this!


Two Birds / One Stone Fall Tour
Sept. 3 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
Sept. 25 - Charlotte, NC - Neighborhood Theatre
Sept. 26 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre
Nov. 12 - Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Theater
Nov. 13 - Birmingham, AL -Workplay
Oct. 11 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel

Solo Tour Dates
Sept. 9 - Portland, OR - The Alberta Rose Theatre
Sept. 10 - Seattle, WA - Triple Door
Sept. 11 - Denver, CO - Soiled Dove Underground -

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Two Birds / One Stone Fall Tour Announcement

Can't wait to head back out on the road with my buddy Dave Barnes for more Two Birds / One Stone Tour dates with this fall! General admission tickets go on sale tomorrow but get your VIP tickets TODAY:

9/3- Chicago, IL
9/25- Charlotte, NC
9/26- Raleigh, NC
11/12- Atlanta, GA
11/13- Birmingham, AL

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5/19 IS HERE!

I'm sure you know by now, but my song 5:19 was written about a TIME, not a DATE. However, I'm a man who appreciates holidays, and traditions are always fun - so we've gone ahead and made a 519 DAY! We've been celebrating May 19th over the last few years in various ways, and this year is no different. SOO, here's a little rundown of what we've got cookin THIS year.

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