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23 Places Tour

This fall, I'm excited to announce that we're going to be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my album, Twenty Three Places! There are tons of fun ways we have planned to celebrate, but one of the things I'm most excited about is dusting these songs off and playing them for people in the order they appeared on the album, and in the PLACES they were initially heard in...

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Meant To Be Tour

SO Excited to announce that I'll be joining my friends Parachute on their #meanttobetour IN SEPTEMBER!

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Happy Summer Solstice Eve!

It's SUMMER SALE time. Because Heatwave sounds better when it's hot!

Grab 'Heatwave' AND 'Old Flames' for ONLY $12. FIRST 20 people to buy also gets a copy of 'Whenever/Wherever' EP.

There are also got some BRAND NEW SHIRTS and a ton of older stuff on sale!

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New Shows - New Lyric Video

Hey y'all- it's June, and i'm feelin 'HOT HOT HOT!' (enter cruise ship lido deck memory HERE)

I hope you're enjoying the warmth. I'm already missing Spring weather, is that bad? Summer us upon us, and I have a new album (Old Flames) so it's time to go PLAY SOME SHOWS! We've added a couple west coast dates, and I wanted to make sure you're up to speed!

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HAPPY 5/19 DAY!!
I'm not quite sure what we should all be doing on 5/19 day, but what I DO know, is that I'm SO GRATEFUL for that song and for the friends I've made because of that song. It's amazing how many doors that song has opened for me over the years and it seems right to celebrate it! So, this year, we've got a couple things cooked up to show my appreciation/help us all not 'FEEL ALONE!'

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5:19 Lyrics

I'd be lying through my teeth if I told you
That I'm ok
July came, I thought I had it all together
Until you said
"I need some space"
Truth be told
It's so hard to wait

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Bring It On Back

Matt sat down with co-writers Will Anderson (Parachute) & Russell Dickerson to play "Bring It On Back" from his album 'Old Flames.'

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