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part 2

pt. 2: I stopped taking piano lessons because I thought it wasn't cool. (Ironically, that's also when I started wearing Umbros and a fanny pack.) I didn't pick up an instrument again until I was 15, when my mom gave in to letting me try out her guitar.

On my 16th birthday, when everyone else was getting a car, I got my first acoustic guitar. A friend and I would teach each other whatever grunge tunes that were awakening our teen angst, from artists like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, and Green Day. Unbeknownst to them (and me), I was beginning my informal training in pop song structure.

New music on 2.12! Stay tuned. #somebodynew

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part 1

pt. 1: I was born to a Motown-lovin' dad and mom who loved to sing around the house, and I was fascinated with instruments long before I knew how to actually play one. Piano lessons from my Nana started when I was 6, but I figured out pretty quick reading music wasn't in my wheelhouse. Around the same time, my parents got me Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on vinyl, setting into motion the endlessly frustrating challenge of singing and moonwalking my heart out without making the record skip. I'm pretty sure if you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up at that point, I would have told you Michael Jackson. This is where it all began. I can't wait to share more with you over the next week!

New music on 2.12! Stay tuned. #SlowMotion

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Somebody New

In 2010, Matt Wertz released the EP 'While We're Becoming', an adventurous departure from his previous work. Now, six years later, he's teamed up with Jeremy Lutito (Leagues) to remix the track 'Somebody New' from that album. Whether it's a foreshadowing of what's to come, or merely a whimsical one-off, we're enjoying the evolution of Matt Wertz.

Download 'Somebody New' REMIX along with the 'While We're Becoming' EP exclusively on Noisetrade.

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LAST CALL for Snow Globe Shop orders shipped before Christmas!

We here at Team Wertz are about to take a much needed break for the holidays, so if you're still thinking about sneaking some Snow Globe Shop goodies in the stocking this year, this is the LAST CALL!

It's been such a blast putting the shop together this year, collaborating with new and old friends alike. Our hope is that these gifts bring as much joy the faces of your friends and family as they have to ours creating them!

We hope, above all, this holiday season that you have margin to connect with love and beauty and truth, and the Source behind it all!

Merry Christmas!
-Team Wertz

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Snow Globe Shop FEATURE: Ranger Station Supply Co. Candle

Having a fresh cut tree in my house around the holidays has been a tradition in the Wertz house since I was a kid, but living where we did in Kansas City it was hard to find the crown jewel of all Christmas Trees: the Frasier Fir. Fast forward a few years and now calling Nashville, Tennessee home, the Frasier Fir is plentiful and therefore always gracing my living room from the day after thanksgiving well into the new year (yeah, I'm one of THOSE people).

The 2015 Snow Globe candle by Ranger Station Supply Co attempts to capture the smell of my living room around the holidays, frasier fir, cardamom, cedar wood, sandalwood, and amber, all poured in a container that doubles as a cocktail glass when the wax has all been burned off. I think you're gonna love it!

Check out this and the rest of the super cool gifts at!


More about Ranger Station Supply:

Ranger Station Supply Co. was dreamt up and made a reality by Steve Soderholm, Founder and Chief Candlemaker. Steve has always kept a good candle lit when he's hosting friends, but had a hard time finding a candle that reproduced the aromas in the world that he loves the most. Tired of his options to either buy cheap candles from big box stores or over-priced candles that didn't quite fit his taste, he decided to start making his own. The result has turned into Ranger Station Supply Co., where Steve is now releasing his wilderness-inspired scents by the batch. When Steve isn't pouring candles, you can find him playing drums on the road or at home in Nashville, TN, often stirring up whiskey cocktails for his friends and family in between.

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Snow Globe Shop

I'm pleased to announce The Snow Globe Shop is open for the 2015 Holiday Season! So many special little goodies to check out! We'll be highlighting them in the upcoming weeks, but for now, head on over to and check them out for yourselves! Oh, and tell your friends!

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Snow Globe Live

So excited to play at TPAC's Polk Theater this December 11th for Snow Globe Live.

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